These are people that I am close to or have talked to a bit (or a lot) and I love them so much okay. I think these people actually like me but idk (no particular order);

Nick | Patricia | Allison | Bea | Katie | BrendaChar | Keeley | Sydnee |

People that I need to talk to more and get to know more (no particular order);

Jessica | Katie | Nick | Marcy | Hannah | Shannon | Hannah | Lynne | Mariana | Maja | Adele | Paige | Mimmi

People I admire from afar (people that do not follow me)

Kiana | Maja | Donna | Katherine | Fev | Christina | Bridget | Marie | Margaux | Tony | Merc | Ariana

Note: Even though Haruka (hiddlette) is gone, I would just like to say that she would be on here. She was hilarious and one of the best people I knew and still know. I miss her so much! 

I am so sorry if I missed anyone! Anyone who is on here, or even if you are not, thank you for your flawlessness on my dash. I love you all! <3

If I missed you and we actually talk or something, message me and you may be put on :)

- peace, emma